Why did Adidas sell Salomon to Amer Sports?

Jul 18, 2023

Why did Adidas sell Salomon to Amer Sports?

Why did Adidas sell Salomon to Amer Sports?

Understanding the Brands: Adidas and Salomon

Before diving into the details of the sale, it's important to understand who these companies are. Adidas is a German-based company and one of the leading sports brands in the world, and Salomon is a French company that specializes in outdoor sports equipment. The two brands had worked together for several years, with Adidas acquiring Salomon in 1997. Despite this seeming like a perfect match, things didn't go as planned, leading to the sale of Salomon to Amer Sports in 2005.

The Strategic Fit: Expectations Vs. Reality

When Adidas acquired Salomon, they envisioned a seamless integration of the two brands. The idea was for Adidas to expand its product portfolio and reach into the outdoor sports market. However, this strategic fit turned out to be more of a challenge than the company had anticipated. The differences in culture, target markets, and product design between the two companies led to a less than harmonious relationship.

The Financial Implications of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Salomon had significant financial implications for Adidas. The company spent a vast amount of money on the acquisition, and the expected return on investment was not achieved. The financial burden of the acquisition, coupled with the operational challenges, began to weigh heavily on Adidas' performance.

Adidas' Shift in Strategy

Adidas decided to shift its strategy and focus on its core business – sports footwear and apparel. This decision was influenced by the company's desire to optimize its portfolio and strengthen its position in the global sports market. The shift in strategy led to the decision to sell Salomon.

Why Amer Sports was the Ideal Buyer

Amer Sports, a Finnish company specializing in sports equipment, was seen as the ideal buyer for Salomon. The company had a strong presence in the outdoor sports market and was familiar with Salomon's product range. This sale would allow Salomon to continue its operations under a company that understood its business model and target market.

The Financial Details of the Sale

The financial details of the sale revealed that Amer Sports acquired Salomon for a sum of €485 million. This price was significantly lower than what Adidas had initially paid for Salomon. However, considering the financial burden that Salomon had become, this sale was seen as a necessary step for Adidas.

The Impact of the Sale on Adidas

The sale of Salomon had a significant impact on Adidas. It allowed the company to reduce its financial burden and focus on its core business. The sale also helped Adidas streamline its operations and improve its performance in the global sports market.

The Impact of the Sale on Salomon

For Salomon, being acquired by Amer Sports was a positive development. The company was able to continue its operations in the outdoor sports market under a parent company that understood its business. The sale also provided Salomon with the opportunity to strengthen its position in the outdoor sports market.

Lessons Learned from the Sale

The sale of Salomon by Adidas provides several lessons. It highlights the importance of understanding the business model and culture of a company before acquiring it. It also shows that strategic fit is crucial for the success of an acquisition. Moreover, it illustrates that a change in strategy can lead to significant decisions, such as the sale of a business unit.

The Future of Adidas and Salomon

Since the sale, both Adidas and Salomon have continued to thrive in their respective markets. Adidas has strengthened its position in the global sports market, while Salomon has solidified its place in the outdoor sports market under Amer Sports. The sale, while initially seen as a setback, turned out to be a strategic move that benefited both companies in the long run.

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